The Intro

I thought about introducing myself then I thought it is repetitive. You will soon get to know me through these words of my heart. A better way to introduce myself than what I could write in this introduction. These are poems, my words, about the struggles and the good times. A place for others to relate. Rawness. I do not have a specific category, nor do I want one. Just my thoughts expressed.




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Based off Isaiah 20

Woah be to the Lord, how merciful You truly are.

Using us all to gain all

Awaiting for our cries before the fall.

Your destruction of the righteous and unrighteous

The righteous opening the unrighteous’ eyes with their begs and pleas

Your mercy unfolds one more time.

How great of a God

giving second chances yet still being just.

Thank You Lord for using us all to gain all even during the fall.

Bring us to our lows to bring us all to our highs.

Closer to You- the only true High.

You know what we need

Forgive us of our temporary feeds

Thank You for the just action

turning to You is our reaction.

Woah to the Lord,

Opening our eyes to the ultimate Door.

-Mavvy B.


You have created all things good.

Sin taints- but all things flow from You.

Humans put up this divide,

We made an outside and inside.

Break down our walls, Lord.

Let them fall.

Engage the culture,

but do not let us fall.

Just as I asked the Lord to destroy me,

He cleansed me.

Allowing me to see all that I am supposed to be, and who I am deeply.

A child of God rooted in Love with nothing more than a Father above.

All is temporary- even relationships.

We expect, but the Lord is the one giving it.

He gives but can take away.

Trust me, my daddy left me the other day..

Its okay.

I pray I see Him in future days.

So I try to stay humble while I stumble,

not by my own strength.

Dropping to my knees more often that not

Praying for forgiveness for all my faults and stops.

He is good, we are not.

Just like these words need a little more thought.

I could always use a little more work, but God says He loves me

And that I am enough.

And with that His Love tops.

Blessings and Love.

–Mavvy b.